Friday, September 17, 2010

How it all started....

We've all heard of a Bucket List. To be honest, I didn't even know a list like that existed until Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman made it a household phrase with their movie, "The Bucket List". Well, this is how this project made my "Bucket List".

A while back, I was taking an online quiz that asked me to name the countries of the world. Apparently there were 195 of them which, in itself, was unbeknownst to me! I am embarrassed to say that I barely squeezed out 60 before the timer ran out. And trust me, my knowledge of countries around the world ran out WAY before the timer.

So I realized that my knowledge of the world outside of North America was sadly lacking, and that was unacceptable! It popped into my head that maybe I should start learning about each and every country in the world, alphabetically. So, I added it to my "bucket list".

I was telling Chris (my fellow blogger and lover-of-travel) about my desire to learn about every country in the world and it didn't take any convincing at all for her to come on board! As things evolved, Chris came up with the idea of making a dish from each country and I would add little interesting "tidbits" that I learned about that country. And thus, the idea of a blog was born (thank you to Chris' husband, Derek).

So - I would like to inform you, bring you along, do a virtual trip around the world with you. Add this to YOUR "bucket list" and just enjoy!

Allentown, PA

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